Saturday, July 30, 2011

A mess worth making

I've started work on a painting for the first time in almost six years. I had kind of hoped it would be like I'd never left, but my artistic hemisphere is muddy, and my hands feel like goofy lobster mittens. The brushes grab too little, and too much. Colors make no sense to me anymore, and my brain jerks between over thinking and under thinking, like a teenager learning to drive stick on the side of a hill. I don't realize how much I enjoy it until i walk away from it. The incredible mess I make of myself is fantastic. Gold paint smeared through an eyebrow, purple on the inside of my ear, and my hands, like i didn't even use brushes.
I'm having to relearn a lot about it, so I'm trying to stick to a color palette I'm familiar with, greens and purples. I'm not totally happy with how it's turning out, or where it's going, and the board is smaller than anything I've painted on before, but It's a good start I think, after a six year hiatus.


Nicky said...

Rad that you're getting back into it! I'm following along with ya now so I'll get the your updates on my blogger dashboard :D Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I like being able to see your process.