Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Homework and the art of not giving a shit.

Some things are so beautiful, that our eyes refuse to accept them, and we are caught in a short circuit of the senses. Our brains trip, and our eyes gasp to take it in. Art generally leaves me regretful. Like fast food. It seems like a good idea, but afterwards, you just feel gross, let down, and kind of wish you hadn't been so lazy to cook a real meal. A lot of art does that to me. It never reaches beneath the surface, aimed more at superficial emotions and causes, and rarely moving past the residual angst of adolescence.

The work of Marco Mazzoni is on a different level. It quietly explodes in your brain, rendering emotion useless. It's not often that something is so beautiful, it makes me want to stomp and crush my little plastic bin of art supplies into oblivion, in a fit of jealous insanity. Especially when considering this work was accomplished using the simplest of tools...the lowly colored pencil. Had it been crayons, you would be watching my story on the news. "Crazed man rams car into local art supply shop..."

Fucking brilliant work.

You can find his work here...
 Marco Mazzoni

P.S. I have not completely abandoned this blog. Only mostly, until school lightens up a little.  or..until I master not giving a shit about homework. I may practice a little bit right now.


Anonymous said...

Photoshop and a bit of colored pencil. You make me want to stomp my art supplies into little pieces.

Anonymous said...

and practice!!!

Nicky said...

These are awesome!